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A compilation of news, articles and research results.
Offers information for patients and professionals.
Welcome to Interactive survey to capture the experiences of people with allergies and take their voice to health care leaders.
A large variety of resources for allergy sufferers with pollen count maps, photos of mold spores and tree pollens, frequently asked questions, and directories of specialists.
Official site for the UK charity. Information keyed to varied interests including health professionals and the food industry.
A practical resource for sufferers of seasonal allergies, hay fever or allergic rhinitis. Learn more about symptoms and get tips on how to live with and treat them.
Presents the evidence that supports the theory that persistant fluid in a child's, or adult's, middle ear is the result of allergy and not infection.
Pollen count updates for both local and national pollen count and mold spore count.
Help for children with allergies from Dr. Doris Rapp.
For kids living with anaphylaxis. Includes games, e-cards, user submitted art, stories, and recipes, and resources for schools and camps, including sample policies and activities.
Discover how to relieve your allergies, hay fever and itchy skin using safe natural remedies.