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The Rules and Regulations of Sober Living

The rules and regulations associated with sober living homes and facilities are often a deterring factor to those who need extended care after drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

For fear that they will be unreasonably limited in what they can do and when, many who would thrive at a sober living home opt instead to return home too soon. Without the support of a clean and sober living environment, many who do well in drug and alcohol rehab find that they falter on their own.

The most basic rules and regulations associated with sober living are pretty much what you would expect in any roommate situation.

Keeping common areas clean, for example, is standard. Taking on certain chores around the house (i.e., trash duty, making dinner, cleaning common areas) is expected and it’s also expected that you maintain your chores regularly. Some houses do group dinners and all are expected to assist in the preparation and cleanup. Every week, there are house meetings that you will need to attend.

These kinds of sober living rules and regulations are set down to make sure that everyone enjoys a peaceful, respectful living environment.

At sober living facilities it is usually expected that you come home by a certain time each night and get out of bed by a certain time each morning. If you are leaving the house, you generally need to sign in and out and let people know where you are going. During the first month or so at your sober living home, you may be expected to bring a sober companion with you to help you stay accountable for your actions and later you may be asked to call to check in if you will be gone for hours at a time.

Most sober living facilities have a set of expectations in place with a single goal in mind: helping you to build a strong foundation that will sustain you in recovery. You may be required to get a job, attend 12 step meetings out in the community, volunteer your services or attend a school program that will help you get a job. For those who live in the area, you may be expected to start looking for and secure a new home for yourself toward the end of the treatment.

All of these sober living rules and regulations are to make sure that you have the support you need to stay clean and sober as you go through the stressful process of finding employment and setting out on your own.

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